Who we are?

David Cano and Alvaro Muñoz are the creators and founders of the ” StartUp ” Picnic-Madrid.com are backed by several years as head of several businesses related to the hospitality knowing the value of the product quality , the amount thereof and of course, of the need to create a link with the customer. Our reward focuses on having happy and satisfied customers. We are aware of the importance of communication and word of mouth have inherited a passion for outstanding customer care to talk to us expressing their satisfaction with the organization , quality and results of our offers.

Therefore Picnic-Madrid.com emerges as a new model of entertainment in the capital , providing the customer several urban picnic or incredible dining experiences in the best locations in parks and gardens in the capital of Spain .

After an exhaustive study , we selected a number of local products to suit today’s economy our customers and can offer the best at a great price . In addition we acquired most of the products origin to ensure freshness and quality and best price .

We offer unique outdoor experiences , according to the preferences of our customers, aimed at bringing the tasting of Spanish to those who know or want to repeat products.

We are ambassadors of Spanish cuisine and we want to give you the opportunity to approach those products ( always in season ) you do not know . You choose and we will prepare everything for you to enjoy the place, the food and the company . Once you have made your choice , we will contact you to confirm the date and place and there we will see you waiting picnic. Each hired basket comes with all the necessary items for your enjoyment immediately, from the essential fabric tablecloth , full kitchen , as well as drinks and products you’ve chosen .