Give a Picnic

Are you looking for a special, original and different gift?_DSC1542

We have what you need! Now you can give our Picnics to that special person. It is perfect as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc … fantastic effort and you will succeed for sure! A gift to enjoy the outdoors in good company and enjoying magnificent products. Picnics have several to choose the one you like.

What you have to do?

It’s super simple, just choose the gift you want Picnic in “our Picnics” section. There, under the description you have a message asking if it is a gift. Check the box and fill in the details of the lucky recipient. Now I complete it if you want with one of our extras like service such fantastic surprise. Once you paid the gift will receive confirmation and we will contact you to see how you prefer to send the code to redeem the Picnic. We can send it to us with the dedication you tell us or we can send it to you so that you deliver it in hand.