How far should I take the picnic?

We need a minimum of 12 hours to process your order


What includes the Picnic?

Our picnic baskets include everything necessary so that you enjoy it with the whole serviceability. This means that inside you will find the tablecloth to set in the soil, the whole necessary furniture, the meal perfectly stiff, the quite cold wine bottle. . . : he does not lack detail! And the most important thing, the meal is first quality with fresh market products scrupulously selected and in fair amount, because in Spain. . . are of eating Well!!! You make sure that you will not remain with famine …

How do I do the order?

Very easy, first he chooses the Picnic that more you like in our section Our Picnics, personalize it with the options that we give you, improve it if you want with Flowers or our service of Picnic Surprise for example. To finish it chooses where and when you want it and it happens to realize the sure payment of your Picnic. Simple: Truth?

In what schedule and in what area do you distribute?

Normally we begin distributing picnics at 12:00 and finish at 23:00 but if you need your picnic out of this wide schedule comment to us on it and we see that we can do. We do the share-out to the places that there are on the page Locations that are for us the best places of Madrid to do picnics. But if you need that we take you the picnic to a hotel, meeting place, there is no problem while city is inside Madrid.

What happens if I change my mind or if it rains?

Don’t you worry about a thing! From the moment you make your purchase, we’ll be keeping an eye on the weather to keep you updated via e-mail. If the weather forecast isn’t ideal for the Picnic, we commit to finding you another date at your earliest convenience.
In case you change your mind: cancelation is free up to 72 hours prior to the Picnic.
If you cancel within 48 hours of the Picnic, cancelation will not be reimbursed. You will have the option of choosing a different day to have the Picnic.

And if I have some allergy or special diet?

You have only to say to us to that you have allergy or that you continue diet and we will adapt the picnic without any type of problem.

There is some product that I do not like: is it possible to do anything?

You have only to write in the field Comments on having done the order or for mail to info@picnic-madrid. com, that you do not like or not products they long for you and we will be pleased of giving you options to change them: We love the challenges!!

Of what does consist the option of the branch of flowers?

You can add to your Picnic a nice roses branch to surprise this so special person, there are three red roses in a coquettish branch completely prepared to go.

Of what does the Picnic option consist surprise?

It consists of the fact that we prepare for you the picnic where you want, so that you give a magnificent surprise. We agree with you the place and prepare everything so that when you come you sit down and enjoy it! Imagine its facing seeing it!!!

What are the forms of payment?

We work with the footbridge of payment of PayPal, accepting this form of payment and credit cards or debit: Visa, MasterCard, and Teacher. Also you can choose the payment option in cash and pay in the moment in which we deliver to you your Picnic!

I want to organize something special for my Picnic: Do you help me?

We like nothing more that to be your accomplices for a special moment, the asked one of marriage, a gift surprise, etc. . . You have only to mention to us that you want to do and we will plan it together, if you have a concrete idea tell it to us and we will help you.

How do I get in touch with you if I come late or have some problem to find the delivery point?

From the moment of your buy we are permanently in contact with you route mail, inform you about the time and about the evolution of the same one, and also we indicate you the meeting point with maps and photos of the area, likewise we say to you which are the most nearby public transport options. Also we put at your disposal several communication channels more (sms, whattsapp or called phone companhy) to indicate you like coming to the area. And if you are late do not worry we wait for you. You alone must worry of enjoying Madrid and its delight.